Page Kennedy

Page Kennedy 's road to Hollywood spans across the country beginning in the mid-West where his remarkable talent was discovered at Western Michigan University. Before attending the best school in Michigan for theatre, however, Page's career was nowhere near focused on acting as his father, a doctor, encouraged him to pursue a career in medicine, while he wanted to go to school for football. Page was born in Detroit and lived in Los Angeles with his mother until he was six years old. He moved back to Detroit to live with his father, who died when Page was 16. Since his death, Page has been on his own but also made sure to fulfill his father's dreams of his only son going to college. It was in Western Michigan University that Page was introduced to the world of Shakespeare . With the influence of a mentor at school, Page grew to embrace Shakespeare with open arms and mastered the fine art of Shakespearean prose with ease and grace. An outstanding performance at WMU led to a bidding war among 17 graduate theater programs and chose the University of Delaware, which gave him an opportunity to concentrate on Shakespeare . After seven months of intense training in Delaware , Page trekked back to Los Angeles , this time with a headshot and a dream. He landed his first role as Roger on CBS's "The Kennedy's" through an unconventional audition by sneaking into Sony 's studios as a messenger and delivered his headshot and resume.

Ever since breaking the small screen on "The Kennedy's", Page has displayed his skills for TV executives, landing roles on shows such as "The Shield", " Six Feet Under " and "Life at Five Feet". But his impressive talent didn't stop there. It also captured the interest of movie directors, paving way for his film debut as the villainous Travis Shipley in S.W.A.T. (2003), supporting Samuel L. Jackson, Colin Farrell, Michelle Rodriguez and LL Cool J. And later in the fall, Page will take lead for Leprechaun: Back in Da Hood (2003), with Sticky Fingaz, Laz Alonzo and Tangi Miller. His comedic performance as Jamie Davis will remind audiences of a new millenium Smokey from Friday (1995).

Armed with an exceptional background in theatre, Page is prepared for a promising career on screen, big or small. Great actors such as Denzel Washington , Laurence Fishburne and entertainer Michael Jackson have influenced him. Page is a father of two children and resides in Los Angeles . Casually dressed in Rocawear apparel, a fresh pair of Air Jordans and a do-rag, this Shakespearean-verse spittin' thespian can be found bumping to the sounds of 50- Cent , playing basketball, or in a studio writing rhymes, a craft he has mastered since the age of 7.


Attended Grand Rapids community college before transferring to Western Michigan University.

Graduated from Western Michigan University with a degree in theater (2000).

Attended University of Delaware's graduate theater program.

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