Our Mission
A non-profit (501c3) foundation started in 1998, provides an empowering night-to-remember for special needs children and inspires them with “dream the impossible dream.” Events are coordinated that let the children share the spotlight with a celebrity and become “A Star for the Night.”

Every child that is sick, disabled or homeless - will have a chance to share the spotlight and believe in their dreams by ensuring:

  • Every sporting event, every concert, every rodeo, every red carpet event, every Miss America Pageant will share a moment to make a special child's dream come true all over the world.
  • Every celebrity will have in the back of their mind that they only need to share one min. of their spotlight to change a life and dream.
  • A Star for the Night becomes nationwide and millions of children can realize their dreams.

Board of Directors
Ron Nevison
Dejra Turley
Rebecca Barrymore
Noel Whitman

Advisory Board
Anna Alioto
Gloria Jabout       
Jim Sullivan
Bill O'Keefe
Minh Phan
Todd Zabelle
David Stevens-KBAY
Scotty Baldwin- Multi-media
Dave Humphreys
Sashi Nand
Dr Charles Goodwin, DC

Honorary Board
Rick Springfield
Iva franks
Jaime Gomez
Ron Nevison
Jack Blades

About the Founder

Dejra has always been a passionate and giving person, and when she had the ability to start a non-profit organization and use her 25 years of business skills and marketing, A Star for the Night Foundation was born in 1998.

The idea of "Sharing the spotlight" with big celebrities came to Dejra as she realized that celebrities really want to give more than a "meet and greet".

She ran her own business for a living and in addition started the foundation with her own funds.

Dejra credits her sister Cindy Turley, who passed away in 1978, for inspiring her to start the foundation. Dejra attributes her continued motivation to her daughter, Lyndsay, who's support is never ending.

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