What we do:

Life changing events making special needs children a “star”, by sharing the spotlight with their favorite celebrity.

On Stage events: For children that are well enough for a huge life-changing event.
Children directed to us from The Burn Foundation, Hospitals, Cancer Centers (in remission), and Homeless shelters.

Radio Show Events: For seriously ill children when they need hope and inspiration the most. (While they are going through their horrific procedures). A Star for the Night brings the nationwide radio show to the hospitals and Cancer Centers to allow the children to be DJ’s interviewing their favorite movie stars right out of their hospital beds and during their chemo treatments.

Empower   Inspire   Teach   Enable

The children are empowered with this life-changing event.
“Being a Star”


The children are inspired to believe in their dreams by this life-changing event to “dream the impossible dream”. In some cases, having an audience of up to 20,000 people sharing their love and support for the children.

  While on their event, the children are taught to “ask” for what they want in life.
With the philosophy of you must “ask” to receive.
  After the child’s event, the children are enabled to continue their dreams with gift certificates for modeling, acting, or dancing lessons. In some cases where the child may be homeless or disabled- they have been enabled to continue their dreams with computers and software, karaoke machines, and booked as Dj’s on many radio stations for their resume.
Sharing the spotlight - On stage events:

Each event stars with a make-over, a special outfit, dinner, hit by the paparazzi,
then off in a limo to share the spotlight event.


Being a Star at a sporting event.

Interviewing a favorite movie star on the radio.

Jamming on stage with a favorite musician.

VIP on Entertainment Tonight at Paramount Studios.

Star in a rodeo.

Star in a fashion show.

Star in a parade.

Star on the "Red Carpet".

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