How to participate

A Star for the Night Foundation is a non-profit 501C3, with your donations we can help thousands of sick, disabled and homeless children have a life-saving and life-changing event. Please help today.

Donate   Volunteer

Cash Funds - A Star for the Night Foundation has a very low overhead. An average event has a cost of $1400.00 per child per event including the $3,000.00 gift certificates for modeling, acting, dancing, piano lessons as most of the cost is in trade from our sponsors for advertising.

Goods and Services - A Star for the Night Foundation is always needing goods and services donated for events and fund raisers. Auction items, limo services, new outfits, computers, gift certificates for dancing, modeling, acting, piano lessons etc. If your business wants to sponsor us with a gift certificate, please contact us.

Corp. - Please start a Corp. Philanthropy giving program with “A Star for the Night” as your recipient. We have a full training program to help you get started.

Philanthropy program.
Corp. can receive advertising at the “star” events and fundraising events.
Please see advertising/sponsorships: Radio commercial advertising on our nationwide radio show.

Individuals - Volunteer for our “star” events and fundraisers.

Join our committee - Application.
Start a fund raiser in your area.

    Please donate today and change the life of a special needs child.

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