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A Star for the Night Foundation is a non-profit 501C3, with your donations we can help thousands of sick, disabled and homeless children have a life-saving and life-changing event. Please help today.

A Star for the Night Foundation
Corporate Philanthropy Program

Corporate social responsibility has become a necessity for today's competitive companies. As companies increasingly work throughout the US, there is a greater emphasis on corporate community involvement and a call to action. Where can these companies find a reliable solution?

A Star for the Night Foundation (www.astarforthenight.org) is a 501c3 non-profit Corp. with a nationwide radio show and US based Corp. philanthropy program, that ensures donors and volunteers find the right opportunity, right now. A Star for the Night's corporate service offers a unique and proven Quality Control Model, working with Corp. sponsors, in-kind sponsors and affiliate partners.
A Star for the Night Foundation was founded 9 yrs. ago in Northern California and has grown throughout the US with star-studded, life-changing events for over 300 sick and disabled children. With the great success in making these deserving children “Stars” by sharing the spotlight with their favorite celebrities, these children and their families have been inspired to "believe in their dreams and enabled to continue them. Also, seriously ill children can experience a life-changing event right out of their hospital beds as they are DJ's interviewing their favorite movie star on nationwide radio. The excitement and endorphins have assisted many seriously ill children in getting better faster as they have their dreams realized.

A Star for the Night's corporate service provides a (hand’s on) involved approach for companies to implement their philanthropy and/or volunteer program. A Star for the Night's corporate service serves your company's need by:

1. Allowing employees to give and volunteer in their local communities.
2. Consulting for your company to determine your strategy and ensure it supports your domestic efforts/goals.

4. A Corporate philanthropy program designed and ready to implement.
5. Advertising, visibility and participation in our very high profile and successful mission.
6. Change your life and corporate image with the opportunity to change the lives of our sick and disabled children.

Key Features

Customized web-advertising links with your company's logo and colors.
Highlight your company's community relations' mission and purpose. (Partner with A Star for the Night Foundation).
High visibility while bottom-line changing the lives of sick and disabled children.
Customized radio commercial/web video and jingle for your companies web site and A Star for the Night's web site featuring the nationwide radio show.
Employees can participate in hands on approach with life-changing events for the children, star-studded fundraisers and committee.

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