Future Proposed Events

The Grammys - Los Angeles
The Bammys - San Francisco
Dolly Parton
James Taylor
Miss USA Pageant
Teen Choice Awards

Miss America Pageant
Harlem Globetrotters
Hollywood Red Carpet Events
2nd Season Weekly Celebrity Radio Show
Athletic Games: Oakland - San Jose - S. F.
State & Local Fairgrounds - 15 events


Past Event Highlights

On stage with Kenny Loggins
Face to Face with Beyonc'e Knowles
Interviewing Rodney Peete
Interviewing Brian McKnight
LeAnn Rimes Concert
Rick Springfield Concert
DJ for the Day Interview: Mike Myers
DJ for the Day Interview: Melissa Joan Hart
DJ for the Day Interview: Andy Garcia
Greg Scott II Concert
Pilot for the Day: Flying for Dreams
DJ for the Day with Ben Stiller
DJ for the Day with Nikki Cox
Onset with Mark Steines at Entertainment Tonight
Offset with Kelly Carlson
Fashion Shows & Parades
Radio Star for the Night - Singing on KCHO
A Night at the Rodeo with Buddy Gulden

A Star for the Night
"Cancer center kids interviewing Ben Stiller"
A night at the Bammies
A Star for the Night

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