Iva Franks


Iva was born in Carson City Nevada , has 4 older brothers all Martial Arts instructors and daughter...Iva comes from a long lineage of artist from her Great Grandfather Adolph Singer who played clarinet with the John Phillips Souza band to her Grandmother who was a very talented oil painter, Aunts and brothers all in the arts. Iva used to be an EMT here in Los Angeles. She worked in the hospitals as well as on the Ambulance. She as well, works with animal rescue. Iva has been acting professionally since 1987 and unprofessionally long before that. Iva has 14 years of training in every genre of the art. Although Iva's last name is Franks-Singer it is just a coincidence that her ex-husbands last name is Singer. Singer is a very common Jewish name. Uncle is Robert Singer, senator of New Jersey.

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